NERD SCHOOL @ REAL Berlin Bands Concert Series 2010



Jetzt bestätigt:
NERD SCHOOL spielen am Fr. 15|10 im Berliner ACUD in der REAL Berlin Bands Concert Series 2010!

WATCH THE REAL Berlin Bands Concert Series 2010 PROGRAMM!

REAL Berlin Bands Concert ist eine der interessantesten Konzertreihe Berlins,
die es immer wieder schafft neue Talente der Stadt zu finden und auf dei Bühne.
Jenseits aller Retorten-Casting-Show gibt es hier keinen Wettkampfgedanken.
IT'S JUST ABOUT THE MUSIC! So come and enjoy!



"Real" Berlin Bands 2010
Concert Series Festival

The Concept
To present some of Berlin’s best Bands. On these evenings, we will present two or three bands to perform their original music. The main objective of this series is to discover and expose the young, fresh and talented of Berlin to a greater audience.

We are asking the local media to pay more attention to Berlin's "Semi-Underground" artists. The focus is always on the mainstream. Very few local artists get the recognition they deserve. Respect to the few Berlin artist who have risen into the international market. To these artist we say leave the door open behind you for the "Young Fresh and Talented of Berlin".

Our Goal
That one of these bands becomes world famous!
Over the years of booking bands here in Berlin, I've been always open to all live music and I ask that you help support this series in any way you can to help make it a success so we will be able to continue to share the music with as many as possible. Spread the word.
My motive for doing this stuff?
During 1988-1990, I filmed hundreds of bands performing on the CBGB stage (CBGB) and many other stages in New York City.

A majority of these bands were from an organization called the BLACK ROCK COALITION (BRC) . Bands like 24-7SPYZ, DEFUNKT and artist like Sekou Sundiata and Vernon Reid of Living Color one of the three founders of the BRC.

The talent the passion and the drive of the artists cannot be described. "Good Live Music" became like a drug for me. When I moved to Berlin December 1990, the live music scene during the early 90's was minimal and the quality was questionable in many cases. I started to get hungry for "Good Live Music". And it really started to hurt.
Well, Since July 1993, in the underground of Booking Live Bands here in Berlin, some of the best moments for me, as in New York: Seeing a Star shine for more than a moment live on the stage. And just keeps shining till the end of the show. And at the end of the last applause, you find yourself saying to yourself: "Yeah! That was good." And you really meant it. That's what it's all about!

To the Berlin Artist who have risen into the international market, take a look at the program. Maybe come and see a show or two. If you can support one or two of these artists in any way, please, do so. Remember, you come from the same place.

For the love of the LIVE MUSIC!

Corbett Santana
For the love of the Arts and the search for music to make you feel good.
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